Pyramid Global School was founded in the year 2006, with the sole aim to provide and promote excellence in education. The ethos of the school is deep-rooted in Indian culture and enables all-round development of its students. The School is following the ICSE curriculum.

Every class will have a digital board for better learning outcomes, improving instruction, and student achievement. The school has also associated with Eduvate K1 for curriculum integration with a broad canvas to groom our students with practical lesson plans, videos, and personal study kits The school also has its own sports and fitness app SHAPE, to monitor and focus on the child’s health, physical, and social-emotional development of the student. The School has spacious, well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Laboratories. Models, Specimen, Displays, Charts, Learning Kits, Audio-Visual Equipment, etc. help teachers demonstrate, validate and establish various phenomena, and facilitate children verify theories, relate to fundamental principles and concepts. The School has air-conditioned Computer Laboratories with high-speed broadband connectivity and audio-visual facilities. All computers have the required configuration and software to support children’s learning and the effective delivery of the curriculum. The School library has a vast collection of books that include fiction, non-fiction, biographies, encyclopedias, storybooks, picture books, dictionaries, reference books on various subjects.

Yes, the school is a co-educational Institution.

We believe in a lower teacher-student ratio. Students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. More individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the teacher and students are a few takeaways of the lower teacher-student ratio. Hence the average strength of our class is 30 students.

The school has a well-organized transport facility for the students on all major routes. The routes are drawn up well in advance and the students can avail the facility according to their needs after consulting the school transport In-charge. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only and the list of stops is prepared to keep in view the convenience and security of all bus commuters and is not subject to change. The school has a fleet of CNG Buses for the students on the existing routes only.

The prospectus and application form are available in the month of October every year and can be obtained from the school admin office. The application form can also be applied online.

Communication between a parent and a teacher can impact the student’s performance. Hence Pyramid Global school holds PTM on a regular basis. Communication with parents about their children’s behavior in school helps teachers to understand why students act or misbehave in certain situations, and how they can react appropriately. Parents who participate in schools feel more
invested in them as well, which can lead them to be more involved and committed even when their children aren’t in school.