At Pyramid Global, we offer a blended curriculum where the student can benefit from the best of both worlds. The traditional learning methods, fused with modern technology, help students adapt to self-study and become independent learners. We encourage hands-on learning so they can put their knowledge to practical use. In the constantly changing times where students are leaning more towards technology. Our curriculum helps students stay connected with nature and learn from it.

Holistic Development

We emphasize the student’s overall development, ensuring that they are nurtured to meet their potential. The students are taught in a manner where they can apply their learnings to real-life situations. The curriculum offers the student emotional, social, mental, and physical development.

Learning with Nature

In a rapidly developing and urbanizing World, students need to stay connected with nature. Our school pedagogy is based on the philosophy that student’s interaction with nature and the natural World plays an essential role in their development. While learning about technology is vital, equally important is outdoor learning. Recent research reveals that students in many countries worldwide are spending more time in conned spaces that are either classrooms or indoor environments than in natural settings such as parks, woods, or fields. This pedagogy is dynamic and can be adapted to different locations with the essential space for learning.

Introduction to Chess

We introduce chess to students as early as grade one. It is a game that stimulates the brain and neurons to form connections, enabling it to function optimally. Chess is also a great way to teach them problem-solving and thinking on their feet. Quick-paced decision-making trains the student to find solutions for the problem rather than mull over it. This game’s strategic requirements also teach them to assess any situation from all sides before jumping on to a quick fix.